University of Iowa researchers help discover new autism genes

Check out this article from the Gazette, featuring Genetics Faculty Member, Jake Michaelson, PhD, on his research that is discovering new autism genes.

Congrats to Karen Clark!

Congratulations to Anna Malkova!

Congratulations to Genetics Faculty Member, Anna Malkova, PhD, on being named the Roy J. Carver Professor of Biology!

Congratulations to Emily Adelizzi!

Congratulations to Emily Adelizzi who passed her Doctoral Comprehensive Examination today! Emily is a student in the lab of Martine Dunnwald, PharmD, Ph.D., (Anatomy and Cell Biology).

Congratulations to Genetics Graduate Program Alum, Nikale Pettie, PhD (2021)!

Congratulations to Genetics Graduate Program Alum, Nikale Pettie, PhD (2021), for recently getting published in PLoS Genetics as leading author. Way to go! "This was an amazing amount of work to obtain the first high-resolution meiotic crossover map in Drosophila yakuba, leveraging on a novel...

Congratulations to Tim Nguyen!

Congratulations to Tim Nguyen on receiving a 1st place award in Basic Laboratory Science at the AADOCR conference and being awarded the Graduate Student Senate Travel Award!

Graduate College's Post Comp Fellowship Award Announcement

Congratulations to Nate Mullin who was awarded the Graduate College's Post Comp Fellowship Award! 💛🖤

Graduate College's Summer Fellowship Awards Announcement

Congratulations to Sam Mellentine and Maria Valdes Michel who were both awarded the Graduate College's Summer Fellowship! 💛🖤