Articles from April 2018

News Landson

Lisa Lansdon defends Thesis!

Lisa Lansdon successfully defended her thesis recently! Title: “The role of structural variation in cleft lip and palate” CONGRATULATIONS! Pictured: Lisa (left) and her mentor John Manak, Ph.D. (right)
News Gaynor

Sophia Gaynor defends Thesis!

Sophia Gaynor successfully defended her thesis recently! Title: “Genetic and functional approaches to understanding suicidal behavior” CONGRATULATIONS! Pictured: Sophia (right) and her mentor Virginia Willour, PhD (left)
Hannah Seberg and mentor Robert Cornell, PhD

Hannah Seberg defends Thesis!

Hannah Seberg successfully defended her thesis on April 5th, 2018! Title: " Transcription factor AP2 paralogs in melanocytes and melanoma ”. CONGRATULATIONS! In the picture: Hannah (left) and Mentor Robert Cornell, PhD (right)