A. Courses Required as Prerequisites

Course Number Course Semester Hours
BIOC:3110 or
BIOC 3120 and
(or equivalent)
Biochemistry 3-8 s.h.
  Organic Chemistry (2 semesters) 6-8 s.h.
  Fundamental Genetics 3-4 s.h.
  Introductory Physics, one year, college level 6-8 s.h.
  Calculus or Statistics, one year of either 6-8 s.h.

B. Courses Required for all Genetics Ph.D. Students

C. Electives (7 s.h. chosen from the following)3,4


D. Seminars (5 s.h. chosen from the following) 2, 5

1 Must satisfy this requirement during the first year as a graduate student. In exceptional cases, credit will be allowed at the discretion of the Graduate Affairs Committee for an equivalent advanced course taken previously.

2 Must be taken each semester as a graduate student. Does not count toward requirements in part D.

3 Must be taken as a graduate student

4 The same course cannot be used to satisfy a requirement in part B and the elective requirement in part C.

5 For purposes of this requirement, the same seminar course(s) cannot be repeated if taught by the same instructor(s) without special permission from the Curriculum Committee. Seminar course offerings are quite dynamic, so additional courses may be included each year at the discretion of the Curriculum Committee. Other seminar courses may be used to satisfy the seminar requirement when approved on a year-by-year basis by the Curriculum Committee

E. Scholarly Integrity/Responsible Conduct of Research

Students will enroll in these courses in their second year in the Genetics Program. During their first year they must complete web based training modules of Collaborative Instruction Training Initiative (CITI).

F. ESL Requirement for Foreign Students

All foreign students for which an English proficiency evaluation is required must pass to the “B” level on the “University Request for Evaluation for TA Certification” form by the end of their 2nd year. If the student does not, they will be considered to be making insufficient progress and can be terminated. They will need to petition to the Executive Committee to continue, but there will be no guarantee that they will be allowed to do so.