Name Sort descending Email Phone Research areas
Ted Abel, Ph.D. ted-abel@uiowa.edu 319-353-4534 Molecular mechanisms of memory storage and the molecular basis of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders
Ferhaan Ahmad, M.D., Ph.D. ferhaan-ahmad@uiowa.edu 319-384-8756
Michael G. Anderson, Ph.D. michael-g-anderson@uiowa.edu 319-335-7839 Gene Therapy, Medical Genetics, Neurogenetics
Sheila Baker, Ph.D. sheila-baker@uiowa.edu 319-353-4119 Protein Trafficking in Photoreceptors
Alex G. Bassuk, M.D., Ph.D. alexander-bassuk@uiowa.edu 319-356-7726 Developmental Genetics, Human Genetics
Ryan L. Boudreau, Ph.D. ryan-boudreau@uiowa.edu
Terry A. Braun, Ph.D. terry-braun@uiowa.edu 319-335-6285 Computational Genetics
Thomas L. Casavant, Ph.D. tom-casavant@uiowa.edu 319-384-0804 Computational Genetics
Chi-Lien Cheng, Ph.D. chi-lien-cheng@uiowa.edu 319-335-2583 Plant developmental genetics
Josep M. Comeron, Ph.D. josep-comeron@uiowa.edu 319-335-0628 Computational Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics
Ben Darbro, M.D., Ph.D. benjamin-darbro@uiowa.edu 319-356-3877 Genetic Determinants of Intellectual Disability
Arlene V. Drack, MD arlene-drack@uiowa.edu 319-384-4459
Martine Dunnwald, PharmD, PhD martine-dunnwald@uiowa.edu (319) 384-4645 Skin, Keratinocytes, Cell migration, Wound healing, Cleft lip and palate, Orofacial development
Adam J. Dupuy, Ph.D. adam-dupuy@uiowa.edu 319-335-8090 Loss of Tumor Suppressor Genes and Activation of Proto-oncogenes
Daniel F. Eberl, Ph.D. daniel-eberl@uiowa.edu 319-335-1323
Hatem El-Shanti, M.D. hatem-el-shanti@uiowa.edu 319-356-2675 Autosomal recessive genes in complex disorders and in particular those leading to childhood disabilities
Craig D. Ellermeier, Ph.D. craig-ellermeier@uiowa.edu 319-384-4565 Bacterial cell signaling
Albert J. Erives, PhD albert-erives@uiowa.edu 319-335-2418 Bioinformatics, Developmental Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics, Gene Expression and Regulation
Jan S. Fassler, Ph.D. jan-fassler@uiowa.edu 319-335-1542 Eukaryotic Gene Expression, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
John H. Fingert, M.D., PhD. john-fingert@uiowa.edu 319-335-7508 Molecular Genetics of Glaucoma and other inherited eye diseases
C. Andrew Frank, Ph.D. andy-frank@uiowa.edu 319-384-1193 Homeostatic Control of Synaptic Function
Pamela Geyer, Ph.D. pamela-geyer@uiowa.edu 319-335-6953 Eukaryotic Gene Expression, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Chad E. Grueter, Ph.D. chad-grueter@uiowa.edu 319-335-3379 Regulation of Gene Expression in Development and Disease
Bin Z. He, Ph.D. bin-he@uiowa.edu
Douglas W. Houston, Ph.D. douglas-houston@uiowa.edu 319-335-1316 Developmental Genetics, Eukaryotic Gene Expression, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Erin E. Irish, Ph.D. erin-irish@uiowa.edu 319-335-2582 Developmental Genetics
Wayne A. Johnson, Ph.D. wayne-a-johnson@uiowa.edu 319-335-7876 Developmental Genetics, Eukaryotic Gene Expression
Brad D. Jones, Ph.D. bradley-jones@uiowa.edu 319-353-5457 Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Toshihiro Kitamoto, Ph.D. toshi-kitamoto@uiowa.edu 319-335-7924 Nervous System and Genetic Variation
Aloysius J. Klingelhutz, Ph.D. al-klingelhutz@uiowa.edu 319-335-7788 Biology and Genetics of Human Cancer and Aging
Markus H. Kuehn, Ph.D. markus-kuehn@uiowa.edu 319-335-9565 Genetics of Optic Neuropathies
Fang Lin, M.D., Ph.D. fang-lin@uiowa.edu 319-335-7746 G protein signaling in zebrafish embryogenesis
Ana Llopart, Ph.D. ana-llopart@uiowa.edu 319-384-1880 Speciation Genetics, Molecular and Population Genomics
John Logsdon, Ph.D. john-logsdon@uiowa.edu 319-335-1082 Computational Genetics, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics, Evolutionary Genetics
Barry London, M.D., Ph.D. barry-london@uiowa.edu 319-356-2750 Cardiovascular Medicine
Anna Malkova, Ph.D. anna-malkova@uiowa.edu 319-384-1285 Repair of double-strand breaks, Break-Induced Replication
John R. Manak, Ph.D. john-manak@uiowa.edu 319-335-0180 Genetic basis of human disease using high-throughput genomics methodologies, fruit fly models of human disease and cancer
Paul B. McCray, M.D. paul-mccray@uiowa.edu 319-335-6844 Human Genetics, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Jake Michaelson, Ph.D. jacob-michaelson@uiowa.edu 319-335-8066 Systems biology and genetics of autism and neurodevelopmental conditions
Scott Moye-Rowley, Ph.D. scott-moye-rowley@uiowa.edu 319-335-7874 Eukaryotic Gene Expression, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Robert F. Mullins, Ph.D. robert-mullins@uiowa.edu 319-335-8222
Jeff C. Murray, M.D. jeff-murray@uiowa.edu 319-335-6897 Developmental Genetics, Human Genetics
Maurine Neiman, Ph.D. maurine-neiman@uiowa.edu 319-384-1814
Thomas Nickl-Jockschat, M.D. thomas-nickl-jockschat@uiowa.edu 319-335-2828 Neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders
Bryan T. Phillips, Ph.D. bryan-phillips@uiowa.edu 319-335-2071 Cell Fate Determination in C. elegans
Robert C. Piper, Ph.D. robert-piper@uiowa.edu 319-335-7842 Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Matthew J. Potthoff, Ph.D. matthew-potthoff@uiowa.edu 319-384-4438 Nutrient Control of Metabolism and Cell Signaling
Veena Prahlad, Ph.D. veena-prahlad@uiowa.edu 319-335-1055 Neuronal control of cellular stress responses
Andy F. Russo, Ph.D. andrew-russo@uiowa.edu 319-335-7872 Eukaryotic Gene Expression, Molecular and Biochemical Genetics
Thomas Rutkowski, Ph.D. thomas-rutkowski@uiowa.edu 319-335-7739