What's your favorite part of living in the Iowa City area?
My favorite part of living in Iowa City is walking and biking through the many unique neighborhoods in town.

-Nate Mullin

Any local events in the surrounding area that are a must-see throughout the year?
Fall in Iowa is very beautiful, a trip up to Wilson’s Orchid is a fun weekend activity. I would also say the farmers markets throughout Iowa City are great for both food and hanging out with friends.

-Sam Mellentine

What are your hobbies outside the lab?
Outside of the lab, I really enjoy taking advantage of the nature trails around Iowa City. You can often find me in Hickory Hill Park for a run, catching the sunset at Kent Park, or canoeing down at Lake MacBride.

-Kristen Rohli

Any advice or things you want share with prospective students?
My advice to prospective students is to not be afraid to try new things! You can learn a lot from doing things you never could have planned for.

-Anna Carver