* Contributing members may offer courses related to the subtrack and/or serve as outside members on thesis committees. The number of contributing members continues to grow.

Current members: Genetics
Ted Abel Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
Terry Braun Biomedical Engineering & Ophthalmology
Tom Casavant Electrical & Computer Engineering;
Biomedical Engineering
Chi-lien Cheng Biological Sciences
Josep Comeron Biological Sciences
Ben Darbro Pediatrics
Deborah Dawson Preventive Dentistry
Albert Erives Biology
Jan Fassler Biology
Bin He Biology
John Logsdon Biology
John Manak Biology
Bryant McAllister Biological Sciences
Paul McCray Pediatrics
Jake Michaelson Psychiatry
Jeff Murray Pediatrics
Maurine Neiman Biology
Thomas Nickl-Jockschat Psychiatry
Todd Scheetz Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Michael Schnieders Biochemistry; Biomedical Engineering
Alberto Segre Computer Science & PPHG
Val Sheffield Pediatrics
Richard Smith Otolaryngology
Edwin Stone Ophthalmology & Visual Science
Virginia Willour Psychiatry