All students in the Computational Genetics subtrack, regardless of their disciplinary origin, are required to master a set of core concepts in:

  1. Genetics
  2. Computing
  3. Statistics
  4. Bioinformatics Tools and Applications
  5. Seminar and Responsible Conduct.

These requirements can be met by enrolling in upper level undergraduate courses prior to matriculation or by a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses selected to address individual student needs after matriculation. Satisfactory completion of the prescribed courses is to be accomplished during the first two years of the program. Special topics courses in areas of direct impact to the thesis may be taken as electives in post-comp years.

  • Biochemistry (BIOC:3110 or BIOC:3120 and BIOC:3130 or equivalent) 3-8 sh
  • Organic Chemistry (2 semesters)6-8 sh
  • Fundamental Genetics 3-4 sh
  • Introductory Physics, one year, college level 6-8 sh
  • Calculus or Statistics, one year of either 6-8 sh
Genetics (9 sh)
(assuming Fundamental Genetics and Biochemistry are taken as prerequisites)
  • Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology (BMED:5207; 3 sh)
  • Core Genetics (BIOL:3713, BIOL:3172, BIOL:4333, GENE:7191, or equivalent; 3-4 sh)
  • Genetic Analysis of Biological Systems (GENE:6150; 3 sh)
Computing (6-9 sh) (credit for previous classes available)
  • Programming Languages and Tools (CS:3210, may be taken multiple times)
  • Other appropriate computing courses (e.g., Intro to R programming: BIOS:5510)
Statistics (3 sh)
  • Biostatistics (STAT:3510 or equivalent)
Bioinformatics Electives ( 12 sh)
  • Bioinformatics (BIOL:4213)
  • Bioinformatics Techniques (BME:5320)
  • Computational Genomics (BME:5330)
  • Data Visualization and Data Technologies (STAT:4580)
  • Advanced Biostatistical Computing (BIOS:7330)
  • Knowledge Discovery (MSCI:4480)
  • Machine Learning (CS:5430)
  • Deep learning (IE:6380)
  • Machine Learning for Biomedical Data (BIOS:6720)
  • Regression and ANOVA for the Health Sciences (BIOS:5120)
6.Seminar and Scholarly Integrity ( 2 sh)
  • Scholarly Integrity/Responsible Conduct of Research (BMED:7270 & BMED:7271)
  • Special Topics in Genetics (GENE:6200) taken at least twice