1. Prerequisites1

Course Semester Hours

Biochemistry (BIOC:3110 or BIOC 3120 and BIOC:3130 or equivalent)

3-8 s.h.

Organic Chemistry (2 semesters)

6-8 s.h.

Fundamental Genetics

3-4 s.h.

Introductory Physics, one year, college level

6-8 s.h.

Calculus or Statistics, one year of either

6-8 s.h.

1 Note: These prerequisites would be typical for a student entering with a Biology background. Students entering with a Computational background may need to make up missing courses; the trade-off is that these students will typically require fewer computer language courses, for example.

2. Genetics (9 sh) (assuming Fundamental Genetics and Biochemistry are taken as prerequisites)

Course Number Course Semester Hours
BMED:5207 Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology 3 s.h.

Core Genetics (BIOL:3713, BIOL:3172, BIOL:4333, GENE:7191, or equivalent

3-4 s.h.
GENE:6150 Genetic Analysis of Biological Systems 3 s.h.


3. Computing (6-9 sh) (credit for previous classes available)

Course Number Course Semester Hours
CS:3210 Programming Languages and Tools
(may be taken multiple times)
3 s.h.
  Other appropriate computing courses
(e.g., BIOS:5510: Intro to R programming)

      4. Statistics (3 sh)

      course number Course Semester Hours
      STAT:3510 Biostatistics (or equivalent) 3 s.h.

      5. Bioinformatics Electives (12 sh)

      6. Seminar and Scholarly Integrity