Wednesday, March 31, 2010

University of Iowa researchers will receive $300,000 in grant seed funding from the Iowa Department of Economic Development, the UI Office of the Vice President for Research and the IOWA Centers for Enterprise said Monday.

The funding, appropriated to the Iowa Board of Regents under the Grow Iowa Values Fund, will back six researchers in developing innovations with commercial potential, a news release said. They were:

• Michael Schultz, assistant professor of radiology, who received $49,500 for PROSTAVISION, a diagnostic imaging agent for prostate cancer.

• Chris Adams, assistant professor of internal medicine, who received $50,000 for application of a compound as a therapy for skeletal muscle atrophy.

• Paul McCray, pediatrics professor, who received $49,532 for use of an oral compound to prop up host defense against viral respiratory tract infections.

• Don Anderson, research associate professor of orthopedics and rehabilitation, who received $36,064 to establish the potential clinical value of FxRedux software to assist with several bone fracture reconstruction.

• Shuvendu Das, a research investigator for the Center for Biocatalysis and Bioprocessing, who received $27,000 to develop a more cost effective method for producing many bulk and fine chemicals.

• John Manak, assistant biology professor, who received $48,949 to develop a new way to identify human disease-causing mutations.