Kin Fai Au Ph.D.

Kin Fai  Au Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Internal Medicine, Pulmonary
Research Focus: 

We are interested in methodology research of Third Generation Sequencing (TGS) (especially for PacBio and Oxford Nanopore sequencing). Au lab is working on both hybrid sequencing (Second Generation Sequencing (SGS) + TGS) and TGS-alone methodology research. Our research interests include but not limited to alternative splicing, isoform construction, gene fusion and quantitative analysis.

Stem cell transcriptome analysis

Au lab is applying the hybrid sequencing method on ESC, iPSC and preimplantation embryo, to deeply study the transcriptome differences between stem cells.


Protein identification and novel splice detections from tandem Mass Spec are our research interests. Au lab is developing statistical methods for Integration of Mass Spec and sequencing data, in order to solve difficult proteomics problems.

In addition, we are interested in the methodology research of gene regulatory network and RNA editing.

Research Mode: 
Research Paradigm(s): 
MiRNA and Post-transcriptional Regulation
Sequencing and Variant Detection
Transcription and Transcriptional Regulation
Stem Cells
Rodent (mouse/rat)
Carver College of Medicine

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