John H. Fingert M.D., PhD.

Associate Professor
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Research area(s): 
Molecular Genetics of Glaucoma and other inherited eye diseases
(319) 335-7508
Lab phone: 
(319) 384-1755

My laboratory studies the molecular genetic basis of glaucoma and other inherited eye diseases using a range of patient-based research techniques. We have focused our genetic research on glaucoma because this condition is a leading cause of blindness and visual disability worldwide and there is a strong genetic component to its pathogenesis. My laboratory has ongoing projects to identify new glaucoma genes using both pedigree-based positional cloning approaches and population-based association studies. We are also conducting population-based studies of intraocular pressure and other quantitative traits of glaucoma including investigations to identify the genetic basis of patient response to drugs (pharmacogenomics). The ultimate goal of our research is to translate laboratory investigations into useful genetic tools for clinicians by developing genetic tests and providing insights needed for the development of the next generation of therapies to help prevent blindness.