Over 40 years of successful Ph.D. students: Be part of the next generation


WELCOme to the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Genetics at the University of Iowa!

Mission: To train students in the frontiers of Genetics research and develop leaders that meet the upcoming challenges in the field of Genetics.

History: The Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Genetics was established over 40 years ago. The program has been supported for the last 30 years by a NIH predoctoral training grant.

Faculty: The program includes over 60 faculty from 18 departments in four colleges at the University of Iowa studying all fields of modern Genetics.

Students: Currently 50 PhD students, enrolled in the standard track in Genetics, and the Computational Genetics subtrack.

Curriculum: Developing independent critical thinking skills, research excellence and productivity, collaboration, and scientific integrity.

Message from Dan Eberl, the Director of the Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Genetics