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  • Check Us Out! Researchers, Scholars, Inventors, and Mentors Recognized

    Check out what a few of our Genetics faculty and students have accomplished within the last year along with many others at the University of Iowa.


    1. Karen Clark, Genetics PhD student is named on a patent.
    2. Patents by Genetics Faculty- Christopher Adams, Ryan Boudreau, and Andrew Russo
    3. Licenses by Genetics Faculty- Charles Brenner and Arlene Drack
  • Val Sheffield elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Congratulations to Genetics Faculty member Dr. Val Sheffield on being elected to the 2020 class of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Please see the article in Iowa Now for more information!

  • Matthew Strub Defends Thesis

    Matthew Strub (McCray Lab) successfully defended his thesis, titled "Transcriptomic and pathway analyses of cystic fibrosis lung disease identify candidate therapeutic targets and small molecules”. Congratulations Matt!



  • Matthew Cring Defends Thesis

    Matthew Cring (Sheffield Lab) successfully defended his thesis, titled "Genetic therapeutic strategies for Bardet-Biedl syndrome". Congratulations Matt!

  • Jacob Schillo Set to Present Research at AACR Early-Career Hill Day

    We want to share the news that Jacob Schillo (Dupuy Lab) will be sharing his research at the American Association for Cancer Research Early- Career Hill Day. Jacob will join many others "to advocate for robust, sustained and predictable funding for cancer research and biomedical science through the NIH and the NCI" (AACR).


  • Emily Fox Defends Thesis

    The Genetics Graduate Program congratulates Emily Fox (Tootle lab, Anatomy & Cell Biology) on her successful thesis defense! Her seminar title: Using drosophilia oogenesis to define the role of prostraglandin signaling in collective, invasive cell migration

  • Karen Clark Earns Hypertension Early Career Award

    Karen Clark has received a Hypertension Early Career Award from the American Heart Association (AHA) for her research on “Gene Editing Yields of Novel Rat Model of Cardiometabolic Disease”.

    Clark, who works in the Anne Kwitek, PhD. Lab in the Department of Physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, was one of six student abstracts chosen for this award. Clark was awarded $750 and was deemed the highest ranking of all the abstracts at her training level. Along with her award, Karen received an invitation to the 2020 British and Irish Hypertension Society meeting in Scotland.

  • Melissa Marchal Defends Thesis!

    The Genetics Graduate Program congratulates Melissa Marchal (Stipp lab, Biology) on her successful thesis defense! Her seminar title: Paradoxical metastasis suppressor functions of Abl family kinases in a model of androgen receptor-indifferent advanced prostate cancer. 



  • Tyson Fuller Defends Thesis!

    The Genetics Graduate Program congratulates Tyson Fuller (Slusarski lab, Biology) on his successful thesis defense!  His seminar title: "Insights into neurodevelopmental disorders: Molecular and behavioral studies using the zebrafish."

    Pictured (L to R): Diane Slusarski, PhD (mentor)

  • Jessica Ponce Defends Thesis!

    The Genetics Graduate Program congratulates Jessica Ponce (Grueter lab, Internal Medicine) on her successful thesis defense!  Her seminar title: "Investigating the roles of Cyclin C in heart disease."

    Pictured (L to R): Chad Grueter, PhD (mentor)




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