Deborah V Dawson Ph.D., Sc.M.

Deborah V Dawson Ph.D., Sc.M.
Pediatric Dentistry
Research Focus: 

My research interests focus on human genetic disorders, including both the development of new statistical methods for their investigation, and applied studies. My methodological research has included development of techniques in the areas of delayed onset disorders and correction for ascertainment bias, as well as approaches to problems in population immunogenetics, most recently as they relate to vaccine research. My applied work includes statistical genetic modeling of human disorders, and biostatistical modeling related to other clinical and epidemiologic studies. Modeling activities have focused on the genetics of the human major histocompatibility (HLA) complex, immune and inflammatory disorders (including autoimmune disorders and periodontal disease), and developmental disorders. The latter include studies of Fragile X syndrome, and genetic syndromes affecting teeth and bone. Other areas of application include studies related to craniofacial development, including longitudinal studies of normal development, and investigations of late onset disorders and of aging, including the genetics of longevity. More recent interests include the analysis of microarray data, meta-analytic assessment, and classification and risk assessment problems, particularly as they relate to genetic counseling.

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Research Paradigm(s): 
Gene-environment Interactions and Interplay
Genetic Association Studies
Population Genetics
Behavior and Mental Disorders
Development and Dysmorphology
Microbiome and Infectious Diseases
Public Health and Epidemiology
College of Dentistry

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