Christopher M. Adams M.D., Ph.D.

    Associate Professor
    Internal Medicine
    Research area(s): 
    Endocrinology and Metabolism
    (319) 353-5786

    Our laboratory studies the genetic control of mammalian metabolism. Currently, we are focusing on an evolutionarily ancient transcription factor called ATF4, which activates over twenty genes that cells use to take up and synthesize amino acids. Our projects include biochemical studies of cultured cells to determine how ATF4 is regulated by hormones and nutrients, and how ATF4 and downstream genes influence anabolic growth in cells; studies in transgenic and knockout mice to explore the role of ATF4 in skeletal muscle, the major tissue repository of amino acids and protein; and translational studies of skeletal muscle gene expression in human patients with muscle atrophy, a common and debilitating complication of many different illnesses ranging from diabetes to cancer.